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Ghair Hair Care

ghair Silk Cap Wrap - Ivory

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Customer Reviews
Prolong pamper and protect your hair and style, by using a ghair pronounced "gear") premium quality silk cap wrap. It has a great elastic fitting with silk around the rim. Superior to other scarves that are sold on the market for protecting hair; these are 100% natural silk. This means that your scalp will be able to 'breathe'. Air flow is very important in achieving the optimum health of your scalp; which is needed to maintain healthy hair growth. Another very important reason to use silk caps, rather than cotton, polyester or nylon head coverings is to reduce moisture lost from the hair, and to eliminate any embarrassing moments. Lastly, you will soon realize the reduction of stress caused to your hair and scalp as you will have less snags and dryness; usually caused by "the other scarves or head wraps". The ghair Silk Charmeuse Cap Wrap is 16 momme weight.

Attach on head backwards with the extra silk fabric in the face, then pull back over and tie.

100% Silk

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