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Ghair Hair Care

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ghair Hair Care (pronounced "gear"), is a line of hair care accessories which offer, new ways to comb, style and protect your tresses. Their mantra is "great hair care"; and that is exactly what they offer.  ghair Hair Care Combs are an essential part of your daily hair care regime; while the ghair Silk Scarves and Pillowcase allows you to protect your style.

Their 100% Organic Resin Bone Combs are truly wonderful to work with. The secret is that they are meant to mimic the natural chemistry of the hair by smoothing the keratin tiles ,on the outer shaft of each hair strand.  Each comb is hand-crafted from 100% Organic Resin, or from 100% Horn Keratin. All teeth, handles and tails are seamless, which allows for smooth de-tangling and styling. The combs are anti-static and heat resistant, which translate to less friction and reduced breakage.

Along with the combs, ghair also offers a natural way to protect  your hair from moisture loss, breakage, friction and wrinkles; by way of their Silk Scarves and Pillowcase line.  Made from 100% Silk, you are sure to feel and see the difference; while enjoying the benefits of this luxury. Please note that for hygienic reasons, we can not accept returns of any kind for the ghair Hair Care silk products and combs. Thank you for understanding.

ghair 100% Organic Resin Med Teeth Rake Comb

ghair 100% Organic Resin Combs(pronounced "gear"), offers the best in...  More 

CAD $ 22  CAD $ 20.00

ghair 100% Organic Resin Wide Teeth Tail Comb

*** 1 Left in Stock***
ghair 100% Organic Resin Combs(pronounced...  More 

CAD $ 20  CAD $ 18.00

ghair Sandalwood Compact Rake Comb

ghair Sandalwood Rake comb has delicate fragrance that has...  More 

CAD $ 24  CAD $ 20.00

ghair Sandalwood Horn Comb

ghair Sandalwood Horn Comb is composed of keratin,...  More 

CAD $ 28  CAD $ 24.00

ghair 100% Organic Resin Detangler Comb

ghair 100% Organic Resin Combs(pronounced "gear"), offers the best in...  More 

CAD $ 22  CAD $ 20.00

ghair King Size Pillowcase - Dark Gold

*** 3 Left in Stock***
Similar to the benefits achieved...  More 

CAD $ 30  CAD $ 28.00

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