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Camille Rose

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By taking delight in the development of holistic health, wellness and beauty products, we seek to share the purest and warmest joy, happiness, trust and gratitude to each and every person who experiences our products.

Founded in 2010 by Janell Stephens, a mother of five and dedicated vegan, Camille Rose Naturals is a 100% MOMpreneur owned and operated company. We are dedicated to developing and marketing hand-made hair, skin and body care products for modern natural hair sophisticates who care about their total health, beauty and wellness.

In honor of Janell’s maternal grandmother, the name Camille Rose was created paying homage to the one inspiration who taught her how to be a woman that has the poise and ability to wear many hats. She was the original Mixtress™ able to combine and create natural, home-made treatments to care for and improve the health of her loved ones. Possessing strength, grace and knowledge and having a classic-elegance that embodied an unspoken beauty and confidence that needed to be shared. ”

Taking pride in the products we hand make, we at Camille Rose Naturals seek to provide products that you can trust, believe in and know are for your ultimate health, wellness and beauty.

Delightfully yours & Delightfully Made With Love…

Camille Rose Beauty Curl Smoothie

Simplify your Curl Life - Her Essential “Beauty” Defining Curl...  More »

CAD $ 24.99

Camille Rose Courage Nourishing Co-Wash

Simplify your Curl Life -
Intense slippage Nourishing Cream!...  More »

CAD $ 22.99

Camille Rose Rejuva - Drops "Grow Back" Oil 2oz 60ml

Masterfully mixed with Biotin, Castor, Peppermint, and Saw Palmetto ...  More »

CAD $ 20.99

Camille Rose Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse 12oz

This sulfate-free cleanser is infused with asian ginger, nourishing essential...  More »

CAD $ 24.99

Camille Rose Coconut Water Curl Coating Cowash

Immerse strands in the shower and apply our Coconut Water...  More »

CAD $ 24.99

Camille Rose Coconut Water Hydrating Elixir 8oz 240ml

Pure coconut waters and fruit extracts are stirred together with...  More »

CAD $ 22.99

Camille Rose Coconut Water Leave In Detangler 8oz 240ml


CAD $ 24.99

Camille Rose Coconut Water Penetrating Hair Treatment 8oz 240ml


CAD $ 28.99

Camille Rose Herbal Tea Seal & Soften-The Leave-in Collection 9oz 266ml

Our liquid hair brew begins with an herbal leaf infusion...  More »

CAD $ 22.99

Camille Rose Honey Hydrate The Leave-in Collection 9oz 266ml

Droplets of pure honey, olive fruit and castor oils are...  More »

CAD $ 22.99

Camille Rose Jansyn's "Moisture Max" Conditioner 8oz

This super-rich conditioner is blended with Coconut Milk and Aloe...  More »

CAD $ 26.99

Camille Rose Latte Define The Leave-in Collection 9oz 266ml

Black cumin seed oil is whisked together with a thickening...  More »

CAD $ 22.99

Camille Rose Algae Deep Conditioning Mask 8oz

This Algae Deep Conditioner is hand mixed with amazing blue...  More »

CAD $ 28.99

Camille Rose Moroccan Pear Conditioning Custard 12oz

Camille Rose Moroccan Pear Conditioning Custard is a culinary cocktail...  More »

CAD $ 24.99

Camille Rose Cocoa Nibs & Honey Serum 8oz

Ultimate Hair Growth serum is a true miracle in a...  More »

CAD $ 24.99

Camille Rose Curl Love Moisture Milk 8oz

Max Hydration Method approved*
Curl Love Moisture Milk will nurture...  More »

CAD $ 24.99

Camille Rose Aloe Whipped Butter Gel 8oz

***Only 1 left in Stock***

*Max Hydration Method approved*...  More »

CAD $ 28.99

Camille Rose Curlaide Moisture Butter 8oz

*Max Hydration Method approved*

Curlaide Moisture Butter will bathe...  More »

CAD $ 28.99

Camille Rose Curl Maker - Protein Free 12oz

Curl Maker curl defining jelly is made with...  More »

CAD $ 32.99

Brown Butter Melt - Mandarin Oil Hair Balm 2oz 60ml

Mandarin Oil Hair Balm: A concentrated blend of natural butters...  More »

CAD $ 14.99

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