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Bekura Beauty

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Bekura™ (bee-kure-ah) (formerly B.A.S.K) provides a collection of artisan, signature-scratch spa naturals that ranges from epicurean hair treatments to sumptuous bath & body delicacies catering to multi-cultural women.

Inspired by the pure, authentic flavors native to the subtropics - our heirloom beauty recipes are small-batch crafted using an infusion of unique Southern botanicals such as local Georgia-farmland nectars, South African harvested cocoa beans, & Amazonian fruit butters.

Polynesian culture translates “Bekura” to mean “treasured”. For us, “Bekura” is a symbol of warm leisure moments, delectable aromatics.....savoring the good life. For every hand-filled jar or bottle rich with delicious, sweet blends of comfort - one central theme remains the same - creating specialty beauty for specialty skin & hair.

Bekura Beauty Mokato Mud Spa Shampoo Creme 8oz 237ml

Mokato Mud Spa Shampoo Creme is the answer to the...  More »

CAD $ 24.99  CAD $ 20.00

Bekura Beauty Silk & Honey Latté Detangling Hair Milk (Nectarine Vanilla) 473ml 16oz w/Pump

Quench thirsty tresses with Honey Latte -...  More »

CAD $ 36.99

Bekura Beauty Silk & Honey Latté Detangling Hair Milk (Nectarine Vanilla) 8oz

Just like the change of seasons in the year, our...  More »

CAD $ 24.99

Bekura Beauty Bacuri Oil & Propolis Lathering Hair Sap 8oz 237ml

Bekura Beauty Bacuri Oil & Propolis Lathering Hair Sap is...  More »

CAD $ 24.99  CAD $ 20.00

Bekura Beauty Cacao Bark Deep Conditioning Hair Treat 8oz

After days of stress, over-styling, and mistreatment - your natural...  More »

CAD $ 28.99

Bekura Beauty Pu'er & Mint Leaves Scalp Purifier 8oz 240ml

Pu’er & Mint Leaves Scalp Purifier is the answer to...  More »

CAD $ 24.99

Bekura Beauty Vanilla Whiskey Repairing Hair Soak 9oz

Don't be deterred by the name - Our new "first...  More »

CAD $ 29.99

Bekura Beauty Y.A.M. Nectar Intense Honey Hair Nourisher 8oz

Pamper your hair with a true HONEY spa regimen!
The...  More »

CAD $ 29.99

Bekura Beauty Bahari Water Revival Hair Tea 8oz 240ml

Bahari Water (Swahili for “ocean”) is a dewy hydrant, mineral-rich...  More »

CAD $ 24.99

Bekura Beauty Black Tisane Tea-To-Oil Hair Conserve 8oz 240ml

Suitable for ALL hair types:
Black Tisane is a therapeutic,...  More »

CAD $ 34.99

Bekura Beauty Karite au Lait Hair Buttermilk 8oz/237ml

Karité au Lait is a lightweight, yet deeply moisturizing, botanical...  More »

CAD $ 26.99

Bekura Beauty Leche de Babasu Hair Conditioner Drench 8oz 240ml

Leche de Babasú or “babassu milk”- is an enriched slippage...  More »

CAD $ 26.99

Bekura Beauty Palm Tapioca Deluxe Hair Cream 8oz

Thick, concentrated, and highly moisturizing - this hair buttercream is...  More »

CAD $ 28.99

Bekura Beauty Tonga Mousse Opulent Hair Creme 8oz

Saturate tresses with extreme moisture!

This island-inspired, ultra-lush,...  More »

CAD $ 24.99

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