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Henna Sooq Camellia Oil 4oz

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Amazing, silky, anti-aging, and moisturizing Organic Camellia Oil brought to you by the Henna Sooq
(Camellia sinesis, also known as Tea Seed Oil)

Our Camellia oil is 100% pure, and contains no other additives, or oils. It is unscented, and a clear light yellow color. This oil has been used for centuries in Eastern Asia (highly prized by Geishas, and used by Samurai swordsmen), and is highly recognized for it's anti-oxidant, restorative, and rejuvenating affect on the skin.

This oil is great for all skin and hair types. We recommend it for: sensitive and allergy-prone skin promoting hair growth promoting growth of eyelashes conditioning your scalp heals and repairs brittle, and damaged hair
brings relief to itchy, dry scalp helps combat dandruff

Available ONLY in 4oz size

Use a dime amount at a time. Rub that into your palms, or fingertips, and then proceed to apply it onto your skin, or scalp. If you're applying it onto your scalp, make sure to comb/brush it through the length of your hair thoroughly. You can run a small amount through your hair, doing that in such a way as to avoid tangles.

100% Camellia Oil

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