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Morrocco Method Henna Hair Dye - Red 128g

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Red Henna is the perfect color for people looking to add subtle red to their natural shade of dark brown, as well as those looking for a natural “redhead” color. This color of henna is particularly beneficial for people dealing with grey coverage. Applied before the brown, this red henna will help the brown color to better adhere to your grey roots. Using a specific ratio of the henna leaf and bark, MM offers the finest in chemical-free hair color.

Morrocco Method Henna is 100% chemical free and contains no harsh metals, parabens, or toxins that irritate the hair and scalp. No matter the color of henna, it is deeply nourishing, conditioning and the perfect alternative to harsh chemical hair dyes.

How to Use MM Henna Gather your materials: Non-metal mixing bowl (wood or glass OK) Wooden spoon Rubber gloves Plastic, saran wrap or shower cap MM Henna Prepare tea water: Boil two cups of water. Add tea bag and lower to simmer for 15 minutes. Use black tea for naturally dark brown to black hair, and chamomile tea if your hair is blonde or light brown. For added color staying power you may wish to add juice of 1/2 a fresh lemon or a small amount of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar for dark coloring. Let tea water sit until warm before mixing in your MM Henna. How Much Henna to Use: Fine/short hair………………4 tablespoons Fine/shoulder-length…………6 tbsp. Thick/shoulder-length………8 tbsp. Long or very thick hair………10 to 12 tbsp. To Prepare Your Henna Color: Place MM Henna in your non-metal mixing bowl. Gradually add the liquid of your choice, stirring to a consistency of body lotion (but thick enough so it won’t run while applying.) Then add the lemon or apple cider vinegar, being sure not to let the mixture get too liquidy. A teaspoon of MM Euro Natural Oil added to the mixture will make it rinse out easier and keep your hair free of tangles. Let Henna sit for 8 to 10 hours before applying (this waiting period allows the henna dye to form). DO NOT LEAVE HENNA OUT LONGER THAN 12 HOURS. If you are using Neutral Henna, just mix it with warm water and immediately apply, do not let it sit. Your hair should be reasonably clean and IT MUST BE TOTALLY DRY. Timing is key: The longer you leave Henna on, the more intense your final shade will be. For maximum dramatic effect, keep Henna on for a full two to four hours. For more subtle color, 30-60 minutes is recommended. Henna Application: Step 1: Cut a piece of saran wrap the length of your arm and put aside, if using. Remember to slip on your gloves and wrap an old towel around your neck and shoulders. Step 2: Divide your hair into four sections. Apply MM Henna to each in turn, using your fingers or a small paint brush to cover root and new growth area. Massage the remainder through the rest of your hair. Step 3: Then wrap your head with plastic/saran wrap or put on a shower cap. Leave in for 2 to 4 hours. Your own body heat will work with MM Henna to create the glowing result — without sitting under one of those damaging hot hair dryers! Remember: longer time results in a more saturated, deeper shade. Step 4: When time is up, unwrap and rinse your hair thoroughly with WARM WATER ONLY…. do not shampoo at this time because the Henna color must “set” for a required minimum of 24 hours. Step 5: After that Henna is easily removed: Add a few drops of MM Euro Natural Oil to tub water or massage a few drops through your hair. Submerge your head and gently massage the Henna out. You can also rinse in your sink or go under the shower. NOTE: If you use our Morrocco Method Scalp Massager it will be easier to loosen and remove all Henna particles; at the same time you will be giving yourself beneficial scalp and hair growth stimulation! When your hair has dried, you’ll admire the results: brighter, shinier, more luxurious-looking tresses! To maintain your great new look, remember not to shampoo for at least 24 hours. Henna color will begin to fade in 8 to 12 weeks. You can reapply in 72-hour increments at your own discretion. Every time you do, you are giving yourself a prime conditioning treatment for increased body and luster. More applications only make hair stronger and intensify your color … with no danger ever of overuse! For minor touch-ups along the hairline, simply prepare a smaller amount of MM Henna. Apply and leave on for 2 to 4 hours. Important: This process not only requires much less maintenance than regular chemical dyes, it is also much safer for your hair and total overall health. For Sun-Streaking Effects: We suggest MM Light Blonde Henna; leave in for 2 to 4 hours before rinsing. (This may be repeated twice more.) You will have the effect of natural blonde sun-streaking that no hairdresser can achieve! Enhancing or Covering Gray Hair With gray or white hair, MM Pale Blonde Henna coats the shaft for a soft, natural-looking golden hue. For coverage of hair that has less than 40% gray: Do a single-step application using your chosen Henna color as directed above. Leave in 2-4 hours and rinse. For coverage of hair with more than 40% gray: First-time users should choose one shade lighter than their non-gray hair (i.e. MM Medium Brown Henna for dark brown hair) and apply as directed. Wait 2-4 hours and rinse. Evaluate your result and reapply as needed after 72 hours. (It is best to opt for a lighter Henna shade initially since you cannot modify a too-dark choice with subsequent treatments. But if you still want to go darker, you can do it gradually until reaching your desired shade.) You can mix colors if you decide that a customized, “in-between shade” is your best hue: Blend 50% Henna closest to your pre-gray color with 50% of the next lighter shade. (Example: For short dark brown hair, mix 2 tbsp. Dark Brown Henna w/ 2 tbsp. Medium Brown in your tea water). Follow this process up to THREE consecutive times to create a more intensive, richer color. If gray is not successfully covered, you will need to use Red Henna as a FILLER: Combine a ratio of 1/4 MM Red Henna to ¾ of your base color. (Example: for thick, shoulder-length medium brown hair w/stubborn gray, use 8 total tablespoons — 2 Red Henna & 6 Medium Brown). Leave in for 2-4 hours before rinsing with warm water (only). Usually this will work, but if your gray is especially persistent, you will need a two-step application: Step One (Red Henna Only): Mix and apply the correct amount of Red Henna to dry hair. Leave in 1 hour. Rinse and let your hair dry completely. Step Two (Color): Apply Henna shade that most closely matches your non-gray hair. Leave in 1-2 hours and rinse. This color will cling to Red Henna for a successful result. Solutions for Henna That's Too Brassy/Orange/Red Not satisfied with your henna hair color? Sometimes when covering greys or lighter hair with brown henna your hair might be too brassy/orange/red. Here are some quick tips and steps to help you achieve that perfect brown shade you are looking for. Try a Second Coat

Henna (Lawsonia inermis)

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