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Scents, perfume, aroma, fragrances.

In today’s melting pot of consumption, quite often we are bombarded with a cocktail of fragrances, which does nothing, but add confusion to our senses. Additionally, it has been purported that, as we age our senses are less tolerant, to a great number of scents; and as a result our psyche becomes askew.

HoneyFig recognizes this, not as a forced choice due to a deficiency, yet as a welcoming alternative to “the road less travelled”. Do have a look at our Fragrance Free choices and choose, knowing that you have chosen well.

The search for good scents, can leads to no scents at all!

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Henna Sooq Jamilla Henna 3.5oz/100g

***Crop 07.2019 Exp 07.2022***
Authentic Jamila Henna. Indulge yourself with...  More »

CAD $ 14.00

Morrocco Method Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo 12oz

For all hair types.

This shampoo also increases blood...  More »

CAD $ 38  CAD $ 30.00

abi Wonder Check Yourself Clay Hair Wash - 8oz

*Gluten Free
*Petrochemical Free
*Surfactant...  More »

CAD $ 24  CAD $ 16.00

Camille Rose Coconut Water Style Setter 8oz 240ml

Coconut Water Style Setter combines super hydrating thirst-quenching Coconut Water,...  More »

CAD $ 24  CAD $ 20.00

Jessicurl Gentle Lather Shampoo 8oz 236ml **FRAGRANCE FREE**

*FRAGRANCE FREE* Create sulfate-free, creamy, luxurious, gentle lathers without leaving...  More »

CAD $ 22.00

Henna Sooq Cassia Obovata Henna 3.5oz/100g

***Crop May 2018 Exp April 2021***
Organic Cassia Obovata (also...  More »

CAD $ 14.00

Morrocco Method Earth Essence Shampoo 12oz

100% Color Safe
Non-Allergenic, Non Toxic.

For Normal to...  More »

CAD $ 38  CAD $ 30.00

Natty Moist Hair Moisturizer - Fragrance Free 16oz

** Fragrance Free **
Our hydrating Moist, infused with...  More »

CAD $ 30.00

Henna Sooq Red Raj Henna 3.5oz 100g

***Crop 2019 Exp 2022***
Our amazing Red Raj henna powder...  More »

CAD $ 16.00

Henna Sooq Henna Gloss Bar 4.5oz

NEW & HANDMADE! 100% Organic

As featured on Curly...  More »

CAD $ 14.00

Beautani Surely Shea Butter 4oz

Surely Shea pure unrefined Shea Butter, originates from the banks...  More »

CAD $ 16  CAD $ 8.00

Jessicurl Aloeba Daily Conditioner 8oz 236ml **FRAGRANCE FREE**

*Max Hydration Method approved*
*FRAGRANCE FREE* Let the...  More »

CAD $ 22.00

Morrocco Method Floating Lotus Hair Conditioner 12oz

Morrocco Method Floating Lotus Hair Conditioner is the perfect rinse-out...  More »

CAD $ 38  CAD $ 30.00

Morrocco Method- Volcanic Powder Dry Shampoo

Volcanic Powder Dry Shampoo
4 Reviews

1...  More »

CAD $ 34  CAD $ 20.00

Morroco Method Pearl Essence Creme Rinse 12oz

Experience the soft, moisturizing and silky smooth effect of this...  More »

CAD $ 38  CAD $ 30.00

Morrocco Method Int'l Diamond Crystal Mist Conditioner Moisturizer 8oz

Diamond Crystal Mist is a spray on, leave in conditioner...  More »

CAD $ 26  CAD $ 20.00

Henna Sooq Organic Rhassoul Clay 100gr

Our organic rhassoul (also called ghassoul) is a spa quality...  More »

CAD $ 14.00

Jessicurl Aloeba Daily Conditioner 1 litre 32oz **FRAGRANCE FREE**

*Max Hydration Method approved*
*FRAGRANCE FREE* Let the combined oils...  More »

CAD $ 60.00

Jessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatment 8oz 236ml **FRAGRANCE FREE**

*Max Hydration Method approved*
Jessicurl Weekly Deep Conditioning...  More »

CAD $ 24.00

Henna Sooq Moroccan Henna 3.5oz 100g

Indulge yourself with our professional grade Moroccan henna powder freshly...  More »

CAD $ 16.00

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