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Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay 16oz

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Customer Reviews
Bentonite Clay is known for its cleansing, healing and detoxifying properties without stripping the hair or skin.

Excellent for acne prone skin.

See video link in the instruction section describing Part 3 of the Max Hydration Method: "Clay Rinse".

When applying clay mixture, try to separate your coils, don’t try to smooth your hair into one big slick slab. Apply the mask in thin layers of hair starting at the nape from your scalp/roots to the ends of your hair. You do not need to be scooping the clay, squeeze it directly onto your hair and work it in, as per the video. Let sit in hair for at least 15 minutes, there’s nothing wrong with leaving it on much longer, either. Rinse out the clay. This is the part of the method where you will be checking for signs of max hydration. Your hair is now going to be completely clean of any left over product residue, and you will be able to check your progress on your product free hair. See video links for sample instructions. a) https://youtu.be/zgEuwPwkqD8 b) https://youtu.be/mbB4TQGsOck

100% Bentonite Clay

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