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Emu Dundee Lip Balm 3.3oz

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Customer Reviews
Our lipstick balm nourishes the lips in depth and reduces the appearance of wrinkles around the contour of the mouth, as well as dealing with cracked or chapped lips. Emu Dundee Original Lip Balm is recommended for chapped or dehydrated lips. It prevents drying caused by sun or cold.

moisturizes in depth
protective emollient

Apply all around as well as around the contour of the mouth to cover any wrinkles. Use it in daytime as moisturizing protection and for optimal effect, use it also at night. Emergencies and first aid : always have your lip balm with you, it will help you out in cases of burns, scratches, insect bites, etc…

Dromiceius (emu oil), coco glycerides, glycine soya, candelilla cera (bee’s wax), canola oil, vitamin E, vanilla-flavoured essence, shea butter.

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