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HoneyFig Hairstyling List

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Consultation: Complimentary Description: let's have a chat to get to know you a little bit and get a better sense of your hair care regimen so that we can determine what your hair needs

Product Styling: $40 and up Description: Let us sample some of our products in your hair in order to see how they work, and give you a quick hairstyle to rock afterwards

Detangle, Wash, & Condition (DWC): $35 and up Description: Let us give you a cleanse, condition, & style

Deep Conditioning Treatment: $25 and up Description: Let us soothe your curls with one of our delectable hair masks

Wash & Go: $40 and up Description: Start by cleansing the curls & distribute a fair amount of curling product to define the hair and clump curls together. Then set the hair to dry

Blow Out & Style (+DWC): $30 and up Description: Requires heat to stretch the hair and is accompanied with a style of your choice

Trim & Style (+DWC): $50 and up Description: Let us remove your split or damaged ends in order to promote hair growth and create a style of your choice

Blow Dry & Straighten (+DWC): $50 and up Description: A process of pressing the hair flat to achieve ultimate stretch

Updo's: $60 Description: Wrapping or twisting the hair onto itself into an upward design

Wig Customization: $45 and up Description: Let us customize your lace wigs, full wigs, half wigs, and more

Natural Hairstyles: These are a variety of finger styles completed on natural hair

Single Braids & Twists: $25 and up Description: Styles completed in small-medium sized braids and two or three strand twists

Twist-Out & Braid-Out: $40 and up Description: Let us set your hair in twists or braids, dry them, and unravel them to reveal a beautiful twist or braid out curl.

Cornrows & Flat Twists: $30 and up Description: Plaits or twists to the scalp that are sectioned in narrow strips

Extensions: A variety of single braid, twist, and cornrow styles that are completed using hair extensions to achieve an elongated look while keeping the hair protected underneath.

Single Braids & Twists Extensions: $90 and up Description: Braids and twists that are completed with the use of extensions

Faux Loc Extensions: $90 and up Description: A process of single braiding the hair with extensions to create a base and then wrapping each section with kinky braiding hair

Cornrow Extensions: $60 and up Description: Cornrow styles that are completed with the use of extensions

Sew-Ins & Crochet Braids: Weaving is the process of plaiting the hair and then sewing on tracks of hair vertically or horizontally across the head. Conversely, crochet braiding involves crocheting loose strands of hair extensions through rows of cornrows.

Crochet Installs: $120 Description: Achieved with the crochet braiding technique & includes a cut and style

Sew-Ins: $100 and up Description: a process of weaving the hair that includes a cut and style

Kids Styling (14 years and younger) Children Detangle, Wash, & Condition: $25 and up Children Blow-Out & Style: $20 and up Children Updo's: $30 Children Single Braids & Twists: $20 and up Children Twist-Out & Braid Out: $25 and up Children Cornrows: $15 and up For more updates on in-store and online highlights, please:

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