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I received my order and I have to say, thanks for the complimentary nail kit and samples.
Can't wait to try them!
Danielle, Burlington Ontario

Hi, thank you for your response. This is actually a surprise gift for my friend, hes a hair
technician and hes been preaching about these combs and how he cant get them so
Im very excited. Id actually decided to buy a set of these combs for myself. Thanks.
Kgomotso, South Africa

I loved each and every item from my order, which prompt me to reorder immediately.
Ki, Atlanta, GA

I like your Natural Hair care products and Silk Scarves. The shipping was fast and the service was wonderful.
Jarah, Oxford, NC

Just wanted thank you for the samples and I love the fact that you use biodegradable packing peanuts. Huge plus!!! Will definitely be ordering from you again in the future.
Bri, Toronto, ON

Yes, I am very happy with the products and there were even samples provided. I already referred your site to friends.
Astrid, Thornhill, ON

June 18, 2007

Dear HoneyFig,

This letter is meant to express our deepest appreciation for the fundraiser you organized, in support of the work of the Stephen Lewis Foundation. Thank you for raising awareness in the May newsletter and for contributing a portion of your sales to the Foundation. We applaud your initiative!

Again, our most grateful appreciation.

Ilana Lewis, Executive Director, The Stephen Louis Foundation, www.stephenlewisfoundation.org

I love shopping like most women, but I stopped for several months because I could not find a company that would provide quality products and great customer service, until I found HoneyFig. I love your products, because they are natural and actually deliver as advertised. I am crazy about the hair care, especially the Inky Nappaliscious, it really works on balding areas. I order for myself as well as my family, so quality is crucial for me. The customer service is superb! So please give HoneyFig a try, Am sure you'll be as happy as I am. Thanks. Sincerely,
L. Jean, Brooklyn, NY

YOU NEED TO ADVERTISE MORE - I found you guys by chance. Good product selection, Service and packaging. I have referred you guys to a lot of people.
Petal, Fort McMurray, AL

The love the variety of your products. I also like the in-depth information that was given about the products and hair care tips. Very pleased...
Marketa, Birmingham, AL

Dear HoneyFig,
By the looks of it, you have a good line of products. I am definitely pleased with the amount of time the package took to reach my mailing address. Thanks,
Deanna, Halifax, NS

I love the Common Sense body washes because of the all-natural ingredients which I can't find in stores. I also loved the communication and customer service. Once my order was placed I receive and email to let me know when it will be shipped and when Ill receive it. Thanks,
Tianna, Toronto, ON

I am impressed with all the products which I purchased. I did extensive research on the products prior to purchasing them and so it was just a matter of finding a supplier.
Mary, Falher, AB

I have so far been so delighted with all the products that I have ordered from HoneyFig. The packaging was wonderful. You seem to add your own personal touch. I would like to see a product for hair that is a creme without water, mineral oil, petroleum or any other harmful ingredients. I will recomend this site to others. I can hardly wait to reorder. Sincerely,
Linda, Toronto, ON

I know it's the first time I bought the product in your store but I appreciate the service you gave me and your patience because my French language. Yes, I received it very fast and the service is very good.
Carla, Laval, QC

Thank you, HoneyFig, for your generous gift on Jan 18, 2007 to Women for Women International. We deeply appreciate your support. Warm regards,
Zainab Salbi, President and CEO, Women for Women International, www.womenforwomen.org

Thank you for shipping my order. Again , great site and I'm so happy with all the products I have brought from you. I still recommend you to all my friends.
Nadine, Ottawa, ON

Thank you for such prompt service. It's been about 2 and a half months since I've been following this hair care regime and I'm very pleased with the way the products have made my hair feel and look. I've experienced next to no hair breakage and my hair isn't dry anymore. I'll be sure to give you an update of my success when I place my next order. Thanks again,
Odelia, Courtice, ON

I just wanted to give you an update on the products I purchased from you last week (Ultra black hair products). In the first week of using the moisturizer, I have noticed a difference in the texture of my hair. It is definitely softer and not weighted down by the products. I have also tested the sample of hairobics scalp booster that you included in my package, it is very light. I'm glad that I have a new hair care supplier.
Kemi, Brampton, ON

I received my order yesterday. It arrived promptly and was attractively packaged, The scarves are beautiful! Thanks for including the samples. Will shop with you again!!
Dahlia, Brampton, ON

I was very impressed with all of the products. Particularly the lotion creme moisturizer and hair conditioner. If I want items with all natural ingredients in Philadelphia, I would have to shop at a whole foods market. I would prefer to order the items online.
Kathryn, Philadelphia, PA

Just letting you know that I am having great results with the products I bought from HoneyFig last week. I washed my hair at home, used the UBH/BB products with a hooded dryer and I am so pleased with the results...soft, silky hair with a lot of body and reduced breakage. Gotta tell you... I'm so in love those ghair combs I have to buy a few more. They work especially well in my daughter's thick hair and I find they are great for my hair too (no snags) and fantastic for stimulating the scalp.
Sandra, Toronto, ON

Thank you very much for getting the products to me in such a timely manner. I have been using the creme moisturizer for the past week and it is really good. Thanks!
Thandi, Toronto, ON

Having just received my order, I wanted to thank you very much for suggesting the scarf ... thanks very much for your kindness. I am sure that it will make a difference.
Elizabeth, Toronto, ON

I want to let you know how much I appreciated getting the products to me last week. I am so excited to start on my new hair journey. I will keep you posted on results. Also, thank you for the shampoo sample.
Marlee, Toronto, ON

Thank you for taking the time to explain the use of the products. I am enjoying them, as this is the softest my hair has ever felt. Best wishes and continued success.
Marsha, Courtice, ON

Thanks for sending out my 2nd order so quickly. My hair and I thank you!
Sharon, Toronto, ON

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