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What is HoneyFig all about?

HoneyFig is all about YOU. Yes, that’s right! We are here for you. We initially started
by offering a small grouping of products which are beneficial to your skin and hair.
Here we are much later with the same objective, and more selection and product lines.
Our mandate is to offer wellness based beauty products, which are specific to the health
of your hair, scalp and skin. We continue to maintain these same principles.

Where did the HoneyFig name originate?

The name HoneyFig, has a very intrinsic spiritual meaning. It is meant to be a daily reminder, that we are granted a gift each day and regardless of the past, one can progress and move forward by choosing empowering choices. This is a standard by which we chose to live; our “Carpe Diem”.

What is the story behind HoneyFig?

The HoneyFig story is summarized on our “about us” page. We are excited about finding and offering, to you quality beauty care products.

What is the mission of HoneyFig?

Our mission correlates with our mandate which is to showcase and sell selected items and product lines; which are wellness oriented, organically enriched, naturally derived and fairly traded by definition. HoneyFig caters to all clients in need and want of wellness and beauty.

In addition to offering, stand alone beauty and body care items, we believe strongly in our role within society, to contribute to causes which pursue the empowerment of disenfranchised women and children. This is not meant to earmark publicity, but instead, as our reminder and duty to co-create whenever and wherever possible.

Do you have a retail location?
Yes, we now have a retail location. We have opened our first location in Toronto, where we also, house our offices. Please note that all Canadian orders are shipped out from this location and all US and International orders are shipped out of our Wisconsin warehouse location.

Why are the Canadian prices, much higher than the US prices, considering the value of the Canadian dollar?

Since most of our products are imported the costs for freight, brokerage fees and duties have to be factored into the retail prices. Please understand this reasoning. As a result we kindly ask our Canadian customers to shop in Canadian prices, in order that we may be able to continue offering such products and services. All Canadian orders will be subject to price change, if orders are place in US currency.

Why do you not offer free shipping?

We are a small company with bright ideas. Our focus is to provide outstanding product offering and excellent client service. One way of servicing you, is to be able to offer, our customers the most diverse selection of niche products for you to choose from. In order to do so, we regretfully cannot offer complimentary shipping.

Who is behind the website?

HoneyFig is a privately owned ecommerce business. We have a close knit group of individuals working diligently to ensure your approval and satisfaction.

What is our approach in selecting hair care, skin care and other products?

The answer to that question is the underlying reason to why HoneyFig was born. First and foremost, in selecting products, we look at the performance, ingredients and the value which is offered to you. We also like to forge business partnership with companies that hold the same interest at heart; that being, to offer consumers quality products, which reflects their views on wellness. It is about helping you to reclaim control of the types of products, which are used everyday for beauty care needs. With the information that is now readily available, it is prudent of us to make the right choices; for you and your children.

Why are product ingredients so important and highlighted?

In regards to the products themselves we like to source natural based, organically derived and certainly fair traded product lines. Being organic in our makeup, synthetics only sit on the skin and hair and with build up, over time this can causes irreversible damage.

We feel that product ingredients are important, not only for the optimal health of your skin and hair, but, also from a standpoint that one has a fundamental right to know what it is that they are buying, using and/or consuming. This is an additional step that we take to help you to feel confident in your decision.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Orders are shipped out within 1-2 business days after order verification; under normal business climate. For busier periods please allow for 1 additional business day. Options are available for orders to be expedited by courier, but orders are normally sent by postal service. If you need an item right away please indicate that in the "Comments" section on your order when you check out.

How can I find out which products are better for my hair type?

Simply refer to our hair type page, for an easy reference, visual guide. Alternatively you can send us an email with your questions.

What makes HoneyFig different from its competitors?

We like to think that what make us different is our focus and priority; which is to support your needs. We listen to what you, our customers are saying and in return strive to provide excellent customer service.

Now, we are not saying that our competitors aren’t doing these things, we are merely pointing out, what our customers have relayed to us. In any business, it is not enough that you make one sale. Our goal is to sustain an ongoing relationship with you and as in any other relationship, you have to communicate. Please feel free to contact us with your comments, suggestions and or comments.

What’s in the future for HoneyFig?

In addition to the other categories, we would also like to add hair and skincare for children and for men; since we have had many requests. The future is yet to be told, but our focus is to pay attention to the needs of our customers.

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