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12 Reasons to Shop at HoneyFig

  1. We are all about... you. Your satisfaction with our service through
    the selection of natural based products offered,is our priority.
  2. All products offered by HoneyFig are naturally derived, organically enriched,
    and fairly traded in nature. This is our mandate and our pledge to you.
  3. Our Product Selection. You can choose from an array products and accessories,
    as well as from a growing number of beauty care brands. We also offer a number of trial sizes,
    to enable you to sample the products prior to committing to a larger quantity.
  4. All products sold by HoneyFig have been carefully selected and have proven benefits. They have been tried, tested and evaluated by our Marketing Team. In other words, we only sell items, which have passed our grading method for: Performance, Content/Composition, Value and Ethicality. Needless, to say we consider all of these elements prior to adding a line or brand to our roster.
  5. Our entire lines of products are categorized, for easy reference and allows for a convenient shopping experience. You can search for products based on your lifestyle choices, eg. Vegan, Fragrance Free and Nut Free; as well as by Brand, Hair Types and/or by product usage.
  6. Your 100% satisfaction is our focus and that is why we believe in, offering you as much product information as possible and that includes the Ingredient List for all products. This is one of our criteria and we will continue to keep this policy in place.
  7. Our policies are aligned to provide you with quality service via our Customer Care System. Any questions or concerns that you have will be addressed directly and can be conveyed by telephone, email and/or snail mail. Your orders are protected by our guarantee and return policy.
  8. All orders are packed with care and attention to detail so as to avoid costly and timely mistakes.
  9. Complimentary samples are sent out whenever available. This is another great way to try something new from HoneyFig.
  10. Online Gift Certificates are available for easy gift giving. Simply purchase, indicate the recipients information in the Ship to section of the Checkout; including their email address and an email will be sent to the recipient, outlining the redemption process. It’s that easy to gift give and to put a Honeyfig smile on someone’s face.
  11. Your privacy and information is protected, as we use a secure 128- bit encryption. Additionally, we do not and will not send, sell, or share your information.
  12. We care about you; your wellness and your beauty.
    Thank you for shopping HoneyFig.com.

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