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About Us

Hello. Thank you for joining us.

HoneyFig is not your average beauty care company. We are all about YOU. We are about offering
you the best beauty and body care products for your skin and hair as well as providing you with
relevant information, current trends and alternate choices. In addition, we are here to share with you
tales, techniques and triumphs.

There are thousands of different products available, which are marketed to “our needs”. Many of these products are made from sodium chemicals, petrochemicals, numerous silicones and other pore clogging, follicle coating and other concerning ingredients. As history has proven, those products have few positive effects on our skin, scalp and hair; not to mention our health.

As HoneyFig was founded to promote well-being, our mission is to offer you, the best selection of body and beauty care products available on the market; which reflects the harmony between wellness and beauty. A large offering of our products are selected based on the ingredient, composition and/or the benefits gained from their use. HoneyFig is here to offer products and services to all customers including yourself, who is in the know of being in harmony. Our pledge is to stay true to you, by staying true to our mission.

So, when it comes to your skin - pamper it, protect it and be proud. When it comes to your hair - be happy with what you have been blessed with. Create or achieve your own look; and enjoy your style!

Again, thank you for visiting, and do tell your friends about us.

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